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Service Type:
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Physical Address:
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Credentialing Contact Information:
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Name/TIN of Parent Organization(if applicable) TIN
Covered Services: (Please check all appropriate services provided below:)
Discipline/Services Include Discipline/Services Include
Companion/Hourly LPN Visit
Home Health Aide (HHA) Skilled Nursing Evaluation
Home Health Aide (HHA) Hourly Skilled Nursing-RN Visit
High Tech RN Visit Skilled Nursing-LPN Visit
High Tech RN Visit Hourly Skilled Nursing-RN Hourly
High Tech LPN Visit Skilled Nursing-LPN Hourly
High Tech LPN Visit Hourly (MSW) Master Social Worker
LPN Hourly Therapy Visit (PT/OT/ST)
Therapy Evaluation (PT/OT/ST)    
Covered Services: (Please check all appropriate categories of services provided to include a list of DME HCPCS and/or Products below:)
Durable Medical Equipment Include Code Exceptions
All 'A' Codes
All 'E' Codes
All 'K' Codes
All 'L' Codes
All 'Q' Codes
All 'V' Codes
Infusion Therapy Include Drug/Therapy Exceptions
Anti-Infective Therapies
Specialty Injectibles
Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
Pain & Palliative Care
Add Languages Provided:
Add the languages provided (Important).
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Add zip code of Services Areas:
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The information provided on this application applies to all additional locations?
If yes, please attach a list of additional locations, providing location name, address, phone, fax, NPI#, TIN# and a credentialing contact.
If no, please complete this application for each location with varying information.
Note: Please be advised, the next phase of the World Services LLC Services enrollment process is a successful completions of World Services LLC's credential verification program. A team member will contact you directly gathering and verifying information required for credentialing.
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